November 3, 2021

It’s no secret that the best hairbrushes in the world aren’t available in the UK at the moment, but that’s changing soon thanks to the introduction of an app that will let you know when you can expect to be able to purchase them.

In a new release today, the London-based hair salon operator has introduced a new feature that lets you know if your favorite brands will be hitting stores in the coming months.

As the name implies, this app will give you an exact amount of time you’ll have to wait before you can pick up a new set of hairbrushing tools.

The app will also give you a list of all the hairbrush brands currently available in stores, which should hopefully give you some confidence that you’ll be able the very best options at the time.

As far as which brands are currently available, you’ll also be able check out the range of prices that are currently listed, and the range that you can purchase at any one time.

You’ll also get a summary of which brands will still be on sale as well as a list with all the available coupons.

This should help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to buying hairbrushed tools.

We’ve already got our fingers crossed that these products will be available in store in time for Wimbledon in April, and we’re excited to see which of the brands will make the cut.

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