November 2, 2021

TONI — It’s not just a body type.

It’s a personality trait.

The reason why I have the body I do is because of how I’ve been taught and the way I’ve lived my life.

I’ve never been a guy that’s always had to work as hard as I have to, but I’m definitely one of those guys that you can put on the track, have the same kind of mindset and the same type of body, and it’ll help you in your life.

When I first started in the industry, I didn’t really have a job.

I was just taking care of myself and I never had the confidence to say, ‘Wow, this is how I’m supposed to do this.’

I felt like I had to put on a mask.

I wasn’t sure what to do.

I just put it on, I put my clothes on, and I was like, OK, this looks good.

I kind of lost my sense of confidence and confidence in myself and then I went from there.

It wasn’t until I got to my mid-20s that I started having real confidence in my body.

That was about six years ago, and now I’m in my 30s, and that confidence has only increased since then.

I know that when I’m working out, I’m looking to be healthy and that I’m trying to be a good representative of my body type, and all of that just helps me stay motivated.

I do feel like my body has changed over the years.

I’m more athletic, I’ve gotten a bit leaner and I’m less prone to getting a rash.

I definitely have more confidence in the way that I look.

I don’t think I’ve had that many body issues in the past.

My wife is my inspiration and her confidence is my strength, so that helps me a lot.

It is also about being a positive person and doing things the right way.

The things that I’ve done in my life have always helped me a little bit, but it’s also about just doing the right thing and taking care.

The beauty is that there’s so many people out there who are out there doing it the right, good thing for themselves, too.

This is what it takes to be successful, right?

I can see myself doing a lot of things in my future.

My goal is to continue to do that, because I know I can do it.

And I’ve already got a lot to be thankful for.

For a long time, I never really had a family.

I didn)t have a good career.

I never felt that I was successful, because it just felt like all of a sudden I’m a successful person, and you get a little push in and it’s like, Oh, I have this whole thing and I have all this stuff.

I had this dream of being a model, and then it became a reality and then a million things just happened.

But when I started modeling, it’s just so freeing and it brings you joy and it gives you hope that someday you’ll be able to be that successful.

I love my wife, I love being around my kids and being able to watch my kids grow up and have the opportunities that I have.

I have a lot on my plate right now, but we just have to make sure that I get it done.

If it’s not done, I don;t want to know that it’s happening.

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