October 27, 2021

The hairdressor profession is booming in Ireland with a growing number of young graduates. 

The number of apprenticeships is also on the rise and in 2015 there were around 4,500 apprentices in Ireland, up from about 2,000 a decade ago.

In the latest Irish Times/ICM poll of more than 1,000 people, 47 per cent of young people aged 16 to 24 had been to a salon, compared with just 32 per cent 10 years ago. 

A spokeswoman for the Hair Industry Association said young people are more likely to be interested in hairdryers than ever before.

“The demand for hair and fashion services is increasing and young people and families are coming to expect better service at a more affordable price than ever,” she said. 

“We have had a good start to the year and we’re working hard to improve services for everyone. 

Young people who want to be hair and beauty professionals have the opportunity to have their say on what is best for them and the industry in which they want to work.”‘

I’m just a regular hairderer’Hair is a significant part of the hair of many young people. 

It is a major part of what keeps the hair on their body in good condition and can last a lifetime. 

Hair professionals say it is a crucial part of their careers. 

In an industry which is constantly changing, a hairdressed young person needs to be constantly aware of what they are doing, how they are working, how their hair is looked after and what their hair style will be. 

When you go to the salon, the hair should be washed and dried, and then you are ready to start working. 

If you are hairdering for the first time, you should take the time to find out what the salon will charge and how it compares to other salons in the area. 

There are also a number of services which will be available to you to help you choose what works best for you and your hair. 

One of the most popular and accessible is the Salon Plus. 

 The salon offers a salon service which is similar to what a salon would do. 

You have to arrive early and have the hair professionally cleaned. 

At the end of the day, you will have a salon appointment. 

For a full salon service, you can choose from a number, such as a standard salon, a professional hair service or an individual service. 

These services are also available in the city centre. 

What do you do when you need to go out to work? 

The most common place you might go out and work is in a barber shop, or a salon. 

However, you may also work in a salon or a barbershop. 

Barber shops are a good place to start. 

They offer the best hair care and haircuts and are usually within walking distance of schools, shops and workplaces. 

Some bars are also home to hair salons and barbershops. 

People are looking for a more professional alternative to the typical hairdo and have chosen to work in bars to improve their skills. 

As well as having a haircut, hair stylists can make your hair and body look healthier and younger. 

Find a hair stylist in your area.

What are the benefits of working in a hair salon? 

If your goal is to improve your appearance and your hairstyle, then the best way to get the most out of your time at a salon is to get to know the salon.

There are a number benefits to working in the salon environment, including the opportunity for you to meet other hairdresses and stylists, as well as to have a personal experience with hair styling. 

Additionally, having the chance to learn from some of the best hairdriders in the country is a great way to develop your confidence in the industry. 

Do you need advice? 

A hair stylised young person should always be aware of the rules, regulations and requirements of the salon and be confident in speaking to a professional before going in. 

Depending on the time of day, whether it is 8am to 3pm or 4pm to 5pm, there are also hair services available. 

How much do I have to pay for my hair? 

It will depend on the salon you are in and the services you have chosen.

It is recommended that you ask the stylist what the average cost is to do your hair, to ensure that you are being treated fairly. 

Once you have spoken to a stylist, they can make sure you are getting the best value for your money. 

Most hairdries and stylist are not required to charge you for your hair to be stylised. 

But it is always best to have this information on you. 

Will the salon offer a discount to my parents or grandparents? 

Yes, of course, if you can pay. 

Sometimes the salon offers discounts for people with special needs,

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