October 10, 2021

This week: bromleys college hare,tipping chartBromley College hairdresses,haircutters and hair stylists have a way to make you feel like a royalty in their social media accounts.

The college harem of the University of Southern California has more than 1,500 Instagram accounts that are linked to the university, according to the College Sports Management Association.

Those Instagram accounts are a mix of social media posts and real life photos.

College harem members also post updates to their Instagram pages, like, “I’m on the couch right now,” and “I got a tip from my stylist on a color combo.”

There are also posts by students and faculty members that show them receiving tips, such as: “This girl’s favorite hair color is brown” and “This chick is one lucky lady to have a boyfriend that likes brown hair.”

A stylist named Shaz is also posting his tips on the university’s Instagram page.

He posts pictures of his clients, such a redheaded blonde girl named Emma, who’s a big fan of his hairdo, and a man named Ryan who works at a nail salon.

Shaz posted, “My hair stylist has a special style and has given me some great tips on how to get a perfect color combo.

He also sent me some tips for how to find a color I like.””

The stylist I work with has also shared his amazing tips with me.

It was really cool to see this in person and see this is the type of thing he does for his clients,” Emma said.

Another stylist, a blond, blonde haired, brunette named Kristy, posts tips to her Instagram page for tips on hair color, and her photos show her and her stylist giving each other tips.

Kristy’s Instagram account is filled with posts from students and professors.

“My hairstylist sent me this amazing tip on how you can find a perfect shade of brown and he also sent some tips on a red hair color,” Emma wrote.

A stylister named James is a little more specific about his tips.

“He told me about the best tips for hair colors for brunettes,” Emma noted.

Kristen wrote, “James has sent me great tips about how to make sure you get a good color combo and how to keep your hair from falling out.

He is always helping me and we are very thankful to him.”

There is also a Facebook page called “Bromleys College hare and bromle” which is filled mostly with photos of the college hares, which Emma called a lot of fun.

“It’s so fun to be able to get pictures of students and teachers who are really nice to each other and they’re all super kind,” Emma explained.

“It’s really a lot to take in.”

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