September 30, 2021

The city of Las Vegas has a new law mandating that local officials not enforce immigration laws if they are based in the country illegally.

The law, passed by the City Council in March, requires that any city law enforcement officer who encounters someone who is undocumented “immediately detain the individual, detain the person in accordance with law, and provide appropriate medical care” until they are “in compliance with federal law.”

The city’s new law is currently being challenged by several local and state groups who say it’s discriminatory, and the city’s mayor, Carolyn Goodman, said on Tuesday that it’s a “bogus law.”

It is unclear whether the city has actually implemented the law, but the city council’s resolution was passed without any opposition and the measure is set to take effect in July.

Goodman’s declaration is the latest in a series of attempts by Trump administration officials to impose an immigration ban on cities and states.

The administration has argued that cities and towns can’t pass laws that violate federal immigration laws because of the “burden” of the federal government.

Cities and states have faced a legal challenge in court, and a federal judge has also issued an injunction barring the Trump administration from enforcing the ban.

This is the second time that the Trump Administration has used the “sanctity of human life” as a rationale for restricting travel.

In September, the Trump Department of Homeland Security issued a memo instructing federal officials not to enforce the president’s order.

That memo also cited a 2015 Supreme Court ruling that held that states can’t enact laws that infringe on the constitutional rights of U.S. citizens.

The new policy appears to be aimed at cities and counties in general, as well as the mayors of some of the nation’s largest cities.

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