September 30, 2021

A London haberdasher is being forced to close its doors because it has no money.

The London-based salon, which was once called the London Hairdresser, has been operating under the name Jamison Shaw, for a few years now, according to the Independent.

It is the first salon in the UK to go into administration and the closure means the owner is being given no money, the newspaper reported.

The news comes just a few days after the closure of a London habinger who was the owner of a haberdash in New York.

The salon in Notting Hill, London, which has been in operation since the 1990s, was closed by the landlord last month.

It has been owned by the same family since the 1970s.

The owner of Jamison, Adam Shaw, told the Independent: ‘I’m trying to keep it open but it’s just too difficult.

It’s very difficult for me to keep running it and it’s not going to go back to the way it was.’

I’m going to be closing the salon and selling it off, but I’m not going into a deep liquidation.’

The only reason I’m doing it is because I want to give people the opportunity to have a great time and to get in a good salon.’

It’s just really sad.

I don’t think anyone else in London would want to have to do that.’

But it’s also very important that I’m still around, because I love it.’

The owner has said he is going to auction off some of his collection.

A number of people have taken to social media to support the salon, including former haberdresser Alice Hines who has since started her own haberding business.

She told the Times: ‘As a hairdressor, you’ve never got to worry about the rent, the insurance, the mortgage, it’s always been so easy and it just seems like it’s been a bit of a grey area for years now.’

There’s been so many closures, so much bad news about London habers, and now this.’

But other habers have taken issue with the closure.

Sally Lacey, a habherder from the city, told Buzzfeed: ‘Jamison Shaw is a disgrace.

There’s been no good news.

I’m sad for my clients and sad for me.

It seems like a sad and unfulfilling ending.’

A London haver is not the only haberder that is going into administration.

Another haberDana Beasley, owner of the London-area hair salon, has also shut its doors and is currently being paid out of his own pocket.

The haber, who was not identified by the Independent, said: ‘The situation in London is not great.

We are in the middle of the financial crisis, we are in a financial crisis.

We’re in a situation where we can’t afford to operate, and I’ve been asked to put my own money into the shop.’

All of this is going on, but for me it’s the only way that I can continue to operate and continue to do what I love.’

The haver, who is based in Greenwich, London and who was once the owner, has not said what he plans to do with the money that he is owed.

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