September 25, 2021

Posted November 07, 2018 07:07:38 Some octopus species have tentacles that can extend out over the water.

The tentacles are called echolocation and are used to locate food.

A hairdressing salon is a specialized salon where octopus hair can be used for facial treatments.

This salon, located on the island of Mombasa, sells tentacles for facial hair treatments.

Octopus hairs are used for skin creams, scalp creams and body lotions.

But the hairdresseser’s wife, Hilda, says that the tentacles are used as a kind of spray bottle.

She also says that octopus tentacles are also used to make cosmetics.

Hilda says she has used octopus strands to make nail polish and nail polish remover.

But she says that if the octopus is used for cosmetic purposes, she does not recommend using it for body care products.

In fact, she says she would recommend that people avoid the use of octopus limbs.

But that doesn’t stop her from using it as a spray bottle when she is at home.

“You can use it as an eyeliner or lipstick,” she says.

“Or you can use them as an oil to seal the skin.”

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