September 23, 2021


— A few years ago, the owner of the H&M Hairdressings in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas, passed away.

The shop was shuttered, but not before the owners children, who grew up to be the owners of the business, took over the business and run it successfully.

“It’s hard to describe the joy of seeing your daughters become so much more than their mothers,” said Tami Luella, one of the children.

My name is Tami, and I’m Tami’s wife.

I know that when my kids grow up, they will have something better than me to look up to and say, ‘Mom, Dad, we were there,'” she said.

Tami Luesa is the founder of Hairdressing Training Academy, a non-profit organization that provides instruction for aspiring hairstylists in Little Rock.

She said she grew up in the town of Little Rock with her mother and grandmother, and graduated from the University of Arkansas.

Now, she is in her second year at Hairdressering Training Academy and she wants to take her experience in Little Roswell, Arkansas to her daughter.

Her daughter, Alyssa, is also from Little Rosland and graduated in 2014 from the same school.

In addition to being a business owner, Luea also runs a beauty salon and her own salon.

Alyssa said she loves her job.

When she graduated from high school, she took a job at the University in Arkansas, but she was only in her first year.

After graduating, she applied for a job, but her application was rejected because she had only worked as a receptionist for one year.

Luea said it was a little hard to understand why she was rejected.

Then, she got a call from her boss who was concerned about her application, but said it wouldn’t matter because she was still a student.

So, Lueda said, she called her boss, and told her that she was applying for the job, and that he was a student and wanted to meet her.

Lueah said that she told him that she wanted to learn how to become a salon owner.

This is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life, she said, and also to learn about business.

The Luesas decided to take a chance on Alyssas, and she went to work at the salon as a hairstylist.

But it wasn’t until Lueah got the call from Lueachas boss that she found out about the program and her daughter’s new job.”

I thought it was funny, but I thought, ‘Well, she should be happy that I applied and got the job,'” she laughed.

We are so blessed that the people at the company have helped her, she added.

I don’t think she realizes how important her job is to me and to her.

Luesa said the Luesahs hope that by taking her business to Little Rosville, Arkansas they can give other aspiring hairstyles to other kids.”

I can only tell them what I’m willing to do, and it’s not something that they have to be told.””

You can’t really take a job and say to them, ‘You know what, I’m going to do this and I want to do that.’

I can only tell them what I’m willing to do, and it’s not something that they have to be told.”

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