September 22, 2021

A few weeks ago, JoJo Bennett’s Happy Birthday to You was trending on Twitter, but then she made a change.

“I got a haircut, and it’s a long, long black-and-white, straight-cut,” Bennett said in a recent interview with The Washington Post.

“It’s just so amazing.”

Bennett was just one of many singers, actors and musicians to join the Hairstylist label, joining a long list of stars and musicians who have made their mark on the industry in recent years.

They include Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Pharrell Williams, Drake and Katy Perry.

The label has also been a boon for fashion brands like Glamour, Vogue, Nylon, Glamorise and Zara.

Here are five celebrities and musicians making a splash with Hairstyles, and why they are taking on the world of hair care.

Katy Perry Katy Perry joined the Hairlines in 2017.

She recently announced that she is joining the label, which has been around for almost a decade and is made up of artists and influencers from the world’s biggest brands.

She was recently seen in a Vogue photo wearing a black headband that looked like it was a wig.

The actress was also featured in a Hairstyle video that was filmed in Los Angeles in March 2017.

“My hair was never the same after I had this black wig and this black headpiece,” she said.

“And I got this haircut, which was really interesting because it was like I was looking into my soul.”

Perry has had a long-standing relationship with Hairline, and in March 2018, she joined the label.

“This was the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” she told Billboard.

“They were like, ‘Yo, Katy, you’ve got a really amazing style, and we just wanted to be like, you’re really popular.'”

The singer-actress added that she loves the brand’s mission statement: “It speaks to us that we’re all connected by our hair.”

Drake The singer and rapper was recently photographed with a Hairliner hair stylist.

“When I first got the haircut, I was like, What are these?

What are they for?

And he just goes, ‘Oh, this is for you.’

And I was just like, OK, that’s good.

It’s just a haircut,” he said in an interview with GQ in March.

“He’s the best at the business, I’m sure.”

“The best hairstylist is someone that knows their craft,” Drake said in the interview.

“Hair stylists can be amazing and can help you create the perfect look for you.

And they also make you feel like you have the best look in the world.

And when they’re helping you, you feel great about yourself.”

In a recent video for Hairstyling magazine, the rapper told his fans to stop worrying about their hair: “You’re not the problem.

You’re just a hairpiece that needs to be looked at, and that’s fine.”

Lady Gaga Lady Gaga recently told The Washington Times she was “honored” to join Hairstymens.

“You don’t have to worry about your hair,” Gaga said.

“[The label] really does care about what you’re doing.

You can’t have your hair look bad if you have it right.”

Lady GaGa Gaga recently opened up about her hair in a new interview with Vogue magazine.

“There are a lot of things that we just like to do with our hair that we really can’t do without,” she revealed.

“If we could do it all over again, I would do it again in a million years.

I feel like if we could go back to the beginning, we could be like [Banks] and [Rudy] and do that, but I can’t.

I just love it so much.

I love the color and the texture of my hair.”

Rihanna Rihanna recently revealed that she joined Hairstys.

“Hairstylists are really cool.

I’m not into it too much,” she explained.

“But I love them because they are so creative.

They can do everything you want them to do.”

Rihana added that when she first met her stylist, he told her to shave her head because “he had a beard.”

The singer added that he was inspired to join because of his beard: “When you shave, you get rid of all the hair.

So that’s something that I’ve always liked about hair stylists.

I like their creativity.”

PharrellWilliams The R&B singer and producer is also joining Hairstyns.

“The reason I came to Hairsties was to do it in a natural way

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