September 4, 2021

Chelsea hairstylist Elizabeth Osborne has been tipped to make a name for herself on the football pitch by winning the 2018 Football Italy Hairdresser’s Championship.

Osborne, who was crowned the top hairderer in England in March, said she has always been passionate about hair and hair styling.

“I started to make hair for myself when I was in primary school, when I used to go to the salon and pick my hair and then it was just about a regular job that I did for about three years,” she said.

“It was my hobby, it was a bit of a passion and it was something I just got really into as I got older.”

Osborne is currently working at the Stamford Bridge club as a hairdressor.

She said she wanted to showcase her skills to fans in the hope of raising money for the charity Hairdressers Anonymous, which provides free haircuts to children in the UK.

“Hairdressers are like the people that are in charge of your hair.

I love to have hair in my hair, and I love the fact that it makes you feel beautiful, it’s a fantastic feeling.

It’s so different to having a regular hairdryer that’s going to cut it for you.”

Osbourne is a professional hairdylist who works in the city’s west end, with her salon also in Stamford Bridge.

She said her aim is to get the charity’s work up and running as soon as possible.

“As a hairstymaster, my main goal is to raise awareness about the charity and help people who are affected by hair loss, especially children,” she explained.

“This is something that we are very passionate about and I am so lucky to have the opportunity to work at Chelsea.”

Osborn has worked at Chelsea for almost a decade and has worked with the club’s hairdresses team since 2013.

“The hairdressed ladies team are amazing.

They are really great to work with and I really enjoy working with them,” she added.”

They really appreciate it, they really look after you.

They’re all very dedicated to doing the job well and they’re very passionate.”

She said she felt proud to be a Chelsea haidresser and said she is hoping to raise more money for charity as soon and to use her skills in the game to help other hairddressers.

“In my head, I think I’ve done a fantastic job for the club and the club is proud of me for doing that,” she concluded.

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