August 27, 2021

By Mike DeBonis/Bloomberg New York, March 13 (Reuters) – It’s a big, heavy, and expensive upgrade that could end up costing you more.

It’s also one that comes with more compromises.

Apple Inc said on Wednesday it would start selling its iPhones, iPads, Macs and other mobile devices in new models starting next month, as it looks to shore up its business.

The new iPhone and iPad models, which include a camera built into the display and a larger battery, will go on sale at stores on March 15, and Apple said it will also offer a new version of its Mac Pro computer line starting next year.

Apple said its iPhones will cost about $1,400 more than the same models for its desktop and laptop models, but the new iPhones will be cheaper than the new models.

Apple said the new phones will be available to Apple Pay users who pre-order the devices in the U.S. beginning March 20.

The Mac Pro line is available to customers in the United States for $1.4 billion, but is also being offered in a new model, called the Core i7-6700U, which is cheaper.

The Core i5-6300U is $1