August 27, 2021

Hairdresser’s birthday is a perfect time to do something creative with a birthday party, as it can bring you a few new customers. 

“A lot of the things that we do, it’s about creating a new story around the birthday party,” says Hannah Stokes, founder of Hairy Tales, a hairdresser-centric hair salon in Southport, West Midlands. 

Hairy Tales offers a range of themed parties, like “The Party of the Month”, “The Birthday Party”, and “The Great Birthday”. 

“We’ve done a number of parties over the years where we’ve had a lot of people coming in and out, and they come back with a whole new appreciation for our products,” she says.

“The idea is to create a whole world around a birthday and the people who are there, and then they get to spend time with the products themselves.”

The party is held on the weekend of April 1, 2019, when the weather is cool and the weather at Hairy Tails is good, with the temperature at around 12C (59F).

“It’s a bit of a special occasion,” Stokes says. 

The company will also have a “Hairy Birthday” party on March 27. 

A birthday party is a chance for people to meet new friends and make new connections. 

As a birthday, the event can be as small as an informal social gathering, or it can be larger. 

Stokes says a birthday can be a great opportunity for young people to start getting into social events.

“We like to think of it as an extension of the social circle and a new experience for people who may have never been in a group before,” she explains. 

She says the more time people spend together, the more people they meet and the more fun they will have.

“A party can be just as fun as a date night,” she adds. 

There are also other events that can be held during a birthday like a wedding or a birthday celebration. 

It can also be fun to have a party with your friends and family to celebrate the birthday or celebrate a birthday or a milestone.

“You could organise a birthday cocktail party, which is a very big social occasion,” says Stokes. 

Party time can be more fun if you can combine the two, and have a fun birthday party with friends and people from all walks of life. 

So, what can you do with a party?

“There’s lots of things you can do with parties,” says Tracey Anderson, founder and chief executive of Hooty’s, a hairstylist-centric hairdressing salon in Sydney.

“Whether you’re having a birthday with your family or friends, you can bring out your best in the company of the whole family and everyone else,” she advises.

“I think you can have a birthday themed party where people come in and just say ‘Hi’ and introduce themselves to each other, and we’ll have a little party where everyone will share the same hair, and you can really enjoy the company.”

It can be an opportunity for people from different walks of the community to come together and celebrate the same thing.

“Then it’s a really great opportunity to create something fun that they might not have done before.”

You can also make a big splash by having your own party and creating something totally unique.

“If you want to have your own birthday party where you’re doing it for yourself, and all of your friends come, and everyone is dancing and doing it, and the kids all come in, and there’s all the guests in, it can really be something that is unique and a fun event,” says Anderson. 

You can even do it at your own house, and enjoy it all. 

And remember to wear your best hair, as a birthday is always about a good time, says Stoke. 

What to wear for a birthday:There are lots of ideas to choose from when choosing your hair colour and make-up. 

But if you want a bold, stylish look, the Hootys Haircolour Collection is one you should try.

“As a hair colourist, I have a lot more fun when I’m doing it,” Stoke says.

“When I do a hair look, I’m always looking for something different, something that goes beyond the traditional look.”

And we have something really simple that’s a lot like the classic hair colour, and it’s the same shade of blue and yellow and red that you see in a lot a lot the hair colours in the Hoots collection,” she laughs.”

So, I always look for something really bold and really unique.

You can get a lot out of a hair that’s not a classic colour and it can look really fun.” 

Hooty Haircare has a range to choose for its clients. 

If you’re a hair styl