August 11, 2021

Hairstylists are being told to ditch the old style of a braid or a wig to avoid the risk of getting sued for damages, following reports of a spate of cases in recent weeks.

According to the Sunday Times, some hair stylists are now having to cut the hair on their customers’ heads or remove it altogether for the sake of aesthetics.

“There’s been a rise in cases in which stylists have cut customers’ hair and then claimed they were not responsible for it, despite the fact that it was done in breach of the law,” one salon manager told the paper.

“It is a worrying trend, and we’ve had a lot of people call us, asking why it was not a legal matter.”

In March, two women were fined €50 each after a man in his 30s claimed he had been denied compensation for cutting his hair by a hairdressing salon because he was not wearing a wig.

In August, a woman was fined €10,000 for cutting her own hair to cover up her tattoos, and in September, a man was fined over €30,000 after he was caught in the act.

Hair stylists can only be fined under certain circumstances, including when they are found guilty of breaching the Anti-Fraud Act or have been accused of fraud, but the penalty is rarely imposed.