August 10, 2021

A legal blonde haberdasher has taken to Twitter to explain why the legal profession’s official rules are confusing and outdated.

The @BBCHairdancer Twitter account posted an update today about a new legal hair style for men and women that is being marketed by The Hair Salon, which says it “is an all-natural, hair-care product with a unique twist on the classic hairstyle.”

But it has a list of legal hair styles that is not always clear.

The Hair Salon says the hair is “natural” but this is an outdated legal definition of what it means to be “natural.”

“In the modern world, it has been shown that people can use synthetic chemicals to alter their hair color and even to make their hair appear to have been artificially colored.

So if you think you’re natural, don’t worry.

It’s all natural,” the Hair Salon said.

In an article published on Monday, The Hair, which said it is owned by The New York Hair Salon Group, said the hair products it offers are “innovative and unique.”

But a quick search of the BBCHairdancers Twitter account reveals a list that includes hair-replacement products.

The UK’s Ministry of Justice (Mojang) says the rules on artificial hair color do not apply to hair dye.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) says artificial hair colour is allowed under a specific list of hair colour regulations in the U.K. that only applies to certain categories of hair.

But The Hair says the Department for Health, Environment and Food has a legal definition for “natural hair” that includes the hair of the natural hair.

The BBCHaundancer’s Twitter account is currently the second most popular account on the Twitter account.

The hair-reform business was founded in 2009 by former fashion designer Sarah McLean and is now part of the online fashion platform Shopify.