August 5, 2021

Tech Insider readers voted in their favorite Android Wear smartwatch designs, and here are the top 10.1.

Moto 360 Moto 360 is the most popular Android Wear watch in the world, and its design is very much like its competitors.

It’s light, slim, and comfortable.

Its built-in accelerometer, heart rate sensor, and proximity sensor work well together.

Its heart rate monitor, though, isn’t the most accurate device, and it doesn’t support voice commands.

But this is a good watch.

It is $100 cheaper than the Moto 360, and the Moto Maker app lets you make and customize all sorts of smartwishes.2.

Fossil Q Founder’s Edition Fossil has a very unique design, and if you like something with a bit of an eye-catching design, this is it.

It uses a 3.7mm headphone jack for audio, but the other half of the watch is made of metal and weighs about as much as a laptop.

It has a stainless steel band, and you can wear it with a shirt or jacket.

The price tag is slightly higher than the Fossil 360, but its design and features are very much in line with its competitors in this price bracket.3.

Pebble Time Round Pebble has a really cool design, but it also has a few flaws.

The battery is pretty cheap, and in the case of the Pebble Time, the battery is removable.

The watch also doesn’t have the ability to read or write to your phone, but Pebble does have a ton of apps.

It supports NFC, which lets you swipe your phone up or down on the watch to access a number or text.

The phone app also has widgets, which allow you to share photos and videos with your phone.

The Pebble Time is currently on sale for $99, and Pebble’s website has some pricing info.4.

Huawei Watch Huawei has been doing pretty well lately, and recently announced a bunch of smartwatch ideas.

Huawei has always been known for making very smart watches, and this one is no exception.

It looks like a lot of its products are made out of materials that are supposed to last, but Huawei Watch is a very solid watch.

Huawei does not have a smartphone app, but you can download it for free from the Huawei website.5.

Samsung Gear S2 Samsung has been making a lot more smartwares over the past couple of years.

Samsung has made smartwalls, smartwockets, and even a smartwatch with a built-ins GPS and accelerometer.

The Gear S3 has the GPS and the accelerometer built in, but there are a lot fewer apps.

The only way to use the accelerometers is to put it on the phone or tablet.

The display on the Gear S1 is a little dim and a little low resolution, and Samsung does not offer a good design with its smartwides.

Samsung is currently outselling Google and Apple with the Gear.

The Samsung Gear Sport, which is still in production, is also $200 cheaper than Google’s Gear.6.

Apple Watch Apple’s smartwatch is still not very good, and we haven’t heard a lot about it.

But it’s been making smartwands for years, and Apple has released a bunch.

The most important thing to remember is that you can’t replace a watch without breaking it, and your watch is still going to be in the house at least for at least a few years.7.

Foss Marti Foss Mart i is also not very well known.

It started out as a cheap smartphone, but after Google bought it in 2012, it went on to be the most expensive smartwatch in the market.

The company also made the first smartwatch that supports NFC payments.

Fossmart i has the best price/performance ratio of any smartwatch currently on the market, and there are also a ton more apps.

FossMart i has a great display, but Fossmart is missing the ability that the Google Watch and Samsung Gear devices have to make voice commands work, so you’ll have to use your phone to talk to your watch.8.

FossLink FossLink is a nice looking smartwatch, but not very useful.

Fosslink has a nice display and a good battery life, but no NFC support.

Foss Link is $120 more than the Apple Watch, and Fosslink’s design is a bit more futuristic.

The FossLink app lets users easily sync the FossLink watch with their phone.

Fossink watches also come with a USB charger, and they have a built in microphone.9.

Pebble 2 Pebble 2 is a really nice looking watch.

Pebble is still trying to make a smartwear that doesn’t look too expensive, but this watch looks like something you’d wear with a T-shirt and a suit.

Pebble also has support for NFC payments, but because of the limited number of Pebble 2s, you can only use it with Android Wear devices.

Pebble has been outselling Apple and Google in

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