August 1, 2021


— A local hairdressor is under fire for a video she posted online showing her cutting off her hair in an effort to get rid of the customer.

In the video, which she posted to YouTube, Jill Smith is seen telling the customer, “I’m going to cut your hair.

Now, this is going to be fun.”

The customer says, “You are not cutting my hair,” to which Smith replies, “Well, I’m just going to take it.”

“Now, you have no choice but to pay, right?” she asks the customer before taking off her own hair and pulling it back on.

Smith then asks the woman, “Are you a virgin?”

The customer responds, “No.”

“I think you should go and ask a guy if he wants to go out and fuck me,” she says.

Smith cuts off her shirt.

Smith then walks away and asks another customer to call her.

She says she is cutting off the customer’s hair to prove that she is a virgin, and then tells him to go back and have sex with her.

The customer replies, and the video goes viral.

A customer told FOX 29 Smith had cut off his own hair in a video.

The customer said Smith was not cutting his own head.

“I just saw that and I was like, I think she is an idiot,” the customer told the station.

Smith said she doesn’t regret cutting off his hair.

“It was a bad decision and I regret it,” Smith said.

“It’s not the way I wanted to go.

I just think that there are so many things that could have been done differently.”

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