July 17, 2021

A court has ruled that hairdressers using plastic bags may be fined for violating a ban on plastic bags in public places.

The NSW Supreme Board said the ban is not limited to the public but applies to people in the public transport sector.

The board’s ruling, which came on the same day as a new trial in the case, was the first to ban plastic bags from public transport in Australia.

The ban is meant to protect people’s health, the court said.

Mr O’Connor said the ruling “sends a clear message to those who use the most dangerous form of plastic bags to transport their hair, as well as those who are the worst offenders”.

“It will put the nail in the coffin for the fearmongering campaign to blame the scourge of plastic waste for the problems with our waterways,” he said.

Plastic bag ban passed by the NSW Supreme Courts The plastic bags ban was passed by NSW’s Supreme Courts by a vote of 11 to 5 on Monday, with the majority of judges voting in favour.

The law was passed after a High Court ruling in July 2016 that overturned a ban in Sydney’s CBD and surrounding areas.

The court found that the ban in those areas was not sufficiently robust and did not protect the health and wellbeing of residents.

The majority of NSW Supreme courts ruled in favour of the ban, which was enacted in February 2019.

“The court’s decision is a significant milestone for our waterways and for the future of our waterways.

This is a clear signal that plastic bags will no longer be tolerated,” the High Court of Australia said in a statement.

The ABC has contacted the Attorney-General’s Department for comment.

The latest case to come before the court came in February this year, when the Supreme Court upheld the ban against a petition from a group of barbers, which said they would not be able to accept plastic bags at their premises.

The case was about whether barbers were required to make a specific decision about whether or not to accept a plastic bag as a customer service option.

A ban on reusable bags passed by court The ban has since been extended to all venues.

It means that the use of reusable bags is banned from public venues and bars.

The use of plastic is banned at all other public venues, including cinemas, dance clubs, sports venues, sporting arenas, shopping centres and theatres.

Plastic bags in the workplace: How do I stop using plastic?

The ban applies to the use or possession of plastic containers in the work place, and to the storage, use or disposal of plastic bag waste.

If a plastic container is found to be in breach of the plastic bag ban, the offending person can be found and fined $200.

If the person is found guilty of the contravention, they are barred from working in the company for a period of six months.

This ban is also available to employees in the civil service.

The new ruling also includes an exception for personal care products such as shampoo, conditioner and body wash, and hair care products, such as styling and colouring products.

The ruling is a landmark win for the Australian Plastic Bag Ban Coalition, which launched a petition against the ban.

“This is a major victory for the plastic-bag ban and will help us to ensure that all workplaces in Australia comply with the ban,” the group said in its statement.

Mr Brown said the Supreme Board ruling “shows that we need to be on top of this, because there are people who are actually trying to push this in our country”.

The Australian Government has also agreed to implement the ban by July 1, 2019.

What is a plastic plastic bag?

Plastic is a synthetic plastic that can be reused by people for various purposes.

It is commonly used in bags and bags for food packaging and in the cosmetic, hair and beauty products market.

A number of states and territories have introduced bans on the use, or disposal, of plastic.

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