July 15, 2021

The NHL Players Association is considering a plan to ban players who are using facial hair for any reason, the league’s chief operating officer told reporters Friday.

The league is reviewing its existing rules and will look into its options, executive vice president of communications Paul Holmgren said in a statement.

In an email, Holmgreen said the union will seek input from players, coaches and their agents about how they could benefit from the change.

Holmgren told reporters the league has no plans to ban facial hair during games.

The NFL Players Association and its allies are asking the NHL to remove the “disparaging language” from its existing player code.

The league has been under fire for a number of years for its harsh penalties for players who use facial hair to show off their looks, such as a six-game suspension for a high-profile player such as Michael Sam.

The NHL has faced a growing number of lawsuits alleging the league is punishing players for their hairstyles.

In recent years, players have started to be punished for facial hair, with players fined or suspended for up to six games, and the league having its own policy banning the use of facial hair on players.